• 18 Jul 2024
    บริษัท ไทย อีทอกซีเลท จำกัด(TEX) โดยคุณยุวดี แก้ววิริยะกิจกูล ผู้จัดการโรงงาน และคุณสุเชษฐ์ ดีมั่งมี...
  • Introduction

          Thai Ethoxylate Company Limited or TEX, a joint venture between Global Green Chemicals Public Company Limited (A subsidiary company of PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited) and BASF (Thai) Limited is Thailand's first producer of fatty alcohol ethoxylate, a substance made from ethylene oxide (EO) and fatty alcohol, which is a key ingredient in manufacturing various personal hygiene products such as shampoo, shower cream, detergent, dish washing liquid and cleaning agent. The operation of TEX can help Thailand decrease dependency on material imports and save over Baht 1,000 million, while generating more than Baht 1,200 million of income to the country.

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