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            Fatty alcohol ethoxylate, our products, are non-ionic surfactants produced by adding ethylene oxide (EO) to Linear Fatty Alcohols. Fatty alcohol ethoxylate produced by Thai Ethoxylate are sold under the trade name Dehydol LS® TH guaranteeing world class standard.

Product Specification
Active Matter
Cloud Point
Cloud point condition:
* 5g. + 25g. of 25%BDG
** 100%sample
*** 1% in 10% IPA
**** 1% aq. Solution
***** 1% in 10% NaCl
****** 1% in 5% NaCl
******* 1% in 5% Na2SO4
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  • Surfactants: used as raw material for the manufacturer of sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES)
  • Detergents: a base liquid and powder detergents, household cleaning agents, industrial cleaning agents.
  • Cosmetics & Personal care: used as raw materials in shampoo, body gels and hand cleaners.
  • Textiles: used as scouring and wetting agents.
  • Agriculture: used as emulsifiers in herbicides, Insecticides and fertilizers.
  • Paper: used as wetting agents and improve absorbency.
  • Rubber: used as stabilizers for rubber.
  • Leather: used as degreasing and tanning agents.
  • Paint: used as wetting agents and dispersing agent.

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